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Results of our customer satisfaction survey

cchatterbox survey

Each year we ask you to give us feedback on how satisfied you are with the standard of service we’re providing. This might relate to repairs, complaints handling, your rent account, communal cleaning and gardening amongst other topics.

We appreciate the pandemic has been a difficult time for many of you and, because of this, we chose not to send out a request for feedback in the earlier part of the year. From July 2020 we embarked on a catch up programme and, so far, we have sent surveys out to more than 500 households. Whilst we’ve been unable to knock on your door and say hello in person, we’ve been following up with phone calls.

What have we learnt so far?

From the responses we’ve received, we can report the following:

The good


of you are satisfied with internal communal cleaning

Target 75%


of you are satisfied with communal gardening

Target 70%


of you like our published information

Target 82%

Following the change of contracts for these services in November 2019 we’re very pleased with these results.

Areas for improvement


of you are satisfied with our overall service

Target 80%


of you are satisfied with the quality of your home

Target 85%


of you are satisfied with how we handle repairs and maintenance

Target 76%

We will continue to work harder to improve our services and your experience. We understand that your overall satisfaction will be linked to other areas of business such as repairs and this is something we will be working on. We entered into a new contract with Axis for repairs from 1 April 2020 but unfortunately, this was timed with the pandemic lockdown and sadly interrupted our ability to provide this service effectively. We’ve now caught up with the backlog, but we still have some way to go to meet our targets. We’ll monitor out performance closely and we expect to see improvements in the coming months. We will also be working on other areas of our service and through a widespread consultation programme carried out in 2019, residents told us what they wanted us to focus on. We have split these priorities into five objectives. You can read about how we are improving our services over the next five years in our Corporate Business Plan here.

Ease of getting hold of the right person


Target 75%

Satisfaction with online services


Target NEW

Satisfaction that we listen to and act on views


Target 75%