Looking after your mental wellbeing

Caring for yourself throughout the pandemic

As we continue to keep to the social distancing guidelines, stay home and adjust to the new normal, it’s important to be aware of our mental wellbeing. Mental health can be something people struggle with year-round, but during the winter and with a pandemic going on, it can be particularly difficult to maintain.

Here are some tips from the NHS and Mind on how to improve your mental wellbeing.

1. Reframe unhelpful thoughts – by challenging our thoughts, we can take steps to think about things differently which may help us when dealing with difficult situations.

2. Be in the present – practicing mindfulness can help us stay in the present, and not focus too much on the past or uncertain future. Take notice of the things around you and take a minute to breathe.

3. Get good sleep – sleep can affect us mentally and physically so ensure you get enough.

4. Maintain a good work/life balance – take time away from stressful work situations, make sure you take a lunch break, create clear boundaries and ask for help if you need it.

5. Connect with others – spend quality time with friends or family, give them a ring, video call or text if you can’t meet up, speak to others about how you feel, or seek counselling if you need extra support.

6. Live a healthy lifestyle – stay active, cut down on alcohol, smoking and caffeine, have a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and get as much natural light as you can by going out for walks. The sun isn’t strong enough to provide us with Vitamin D during the winter in the UK, so seek advice on how to get enough here.

7. Do something for yourself – find time to relax, start a new hobby, learn something new and take time out from helping others to care for yourself.

8. Seek help – if you need more support, get help from your GP or use some of the resources below.

Where to get help

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with their mental health, then tap into the resources below to get help.