Happy New Year!

Set some goals for 2021

‘New Year, New You’ is how the saying goes and at ccha we like to set ourselves goals.

January is the perfect time to do that. We’ve been messaging our staff to find out what theirs are. We hope these will inspire you to set some goals this year and we we’d love to hear what they are. Pop us a message on Facebook or Twitter or comment on our new year’s resolutions posts.

A great way to ensure you achieve your goals, is to set a SMART goal:

Specific – make it specific, sensible and simple Measurable – can you measure the success of the goal? Achievable – do you think you can achieve it before year end? If no, re-evaluate Relevant – is it relevant to your overall goals and realistic? Time – is there a time limit to it?

Some of our resolutions


"ccha’s resolution this year is to continue to provide a great service to our residents, customers and the community. We’re working towards the goals set out in our corporate business plan #ccha2025."


“I want to get fitter and start my yoga again as my every morning session has moved to once a week at the moment!”


“I want to take a walk after work and maintain a good work-life balance.”


“I want to practice shuffle dancing regularly – it’s really good exercise!”


“My new year’s resolution is to dust off those cookbooks and experiment more in the kitchen.”


“I want to get out in nature more and take advantage of the walks near my home.”