We’re moving!

You may have seen some sneak peeks on our social media already, but we are moving.

Our latest development, Angel Oak Point on Sheldon Street in Croydon, will provide 23 apartments to the area and a commercial space downstairs, which will be the new ccha office.

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Angel Oak Point

Angel Oak Point will be providing a selection of one to three-bedroom homes, consisting of 3 homes for London Affordable Rent, 7 homes for London Living Rent and 13 homes for Shared Ownership. Our new office will be on the ground and basement floors. It will be great to be so close to some of our residents and still in a central location for others to visit by appointment.

What’s in a name?

The name, Angel Oak, came from a speech written by one of our founders at the 50th Anniversary of ccha. ccha was originally set up at the request of the Bishop of Croydon to create a small Housing Association. From there, volunteers gathered and applied to Croydon Council for funding for the projects. Projects started small, but larger ones developed over the years.

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The Bishop of Croydon often attended new developments and had said to one of the founders that the association was “like an acorn, plant it well and in the future, it will grow to a mighty oak”.

This quote inspired the name of this development. Angel Oak is a huge oak tree, lasting the test of time. We hope ccha will continue to grow strong like an oak and provide homes for the local boroughs for years to come.

Key dates

We hope to be in the new office in Autumn 2022; however, there may be a transition period where staff will be working from home. If you need to visit staff, sign forms or drop off keys, please speak with a staff member about how and when this will take place.

As always, we will keep you updated on our website www.ccha.biz and via our social media.

Map showing new office

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