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Most of our residents dispose of their rubbish responsibly, which helps keep our neighbourhoods clean and safe. Rubbish removal and bulky waste is a very serious matter. If not disposed of properly, it can make irreversible changes to our environment which can be felt far and wide for many years to come. Incorrect waste disposal can also pose risks to the health and safety of our residents.

With your help, we can keep our neighbourhoods clean and set an example for others.

Bulky Waste

Waste must be placed in your bins and bins placed on the street for collection day. Placing an item or waste on the street instead of in a bin is called fly-tipping. Fly-tipping is illegal, and you could be fined. You should dispose of your bulky items in the correct way, such as:

  • Through your local council and recycling services, who will collect these items if booked with them online for a cost.
  • Recycling items by donating to charity, using exchange and swap websites, car boot sales or jumble sales.

Although it may seem nice to leave items out on or near a wall of your property for others to take, this is also fly-tipping. Items should also not be left in any communal areas.

You may sometimes see traders, builders or other commercial companies illegally dumping rubbish on the street. If you witness any fly-tipping, please report it directly to ccha, or you can call the police.

Please note, any bulky items left for ccha to clear will be recharged to all residents.

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Refuse Disposal

Contaminated Bins

Please make sure all household rubbish and recycling is placed in the correct bins. As highlighted above, any other or bulky items are your responsibility to dispose of.

Leaving unsealed rubbish bags, placing bags outside or on the floor of the bin store can encourage rodents and other vermin to the area. This is a health and safety hazard and leaves the area looking unsightly.

Please make sure you follow your local council’s instruction for refuse collection.

If any bins are contaminated with items not meant for that bin, it will not be collected on your refuse collection day by the local council. This is because the contamination may affect the whole load, meaning it cannot be recycled by the Materials Recycling Facility or Composting Facility.

The refuse collectors will normally place a sticker on the bin to advise that the bin is contaminated.

If your bin isn’t collected due to contamination, it is your responsibility to remove the incorrect items so that it can be collected on the next scheduled collection day.

Overloaded Refuse Areas

Assisted Bin Collection

Overloaded bins, sacks, or boxes (for example, those that are too heavy or where the lid is not fully closed) may not be emptied on refuse collection day. A sticker or hanger may be placed on or in the bin or put through your letterbox explaining why the bin or bag has not been emptied.

If this happens, you are responsible for reducing the load so the refuse can be collected on the next scheduled collection day.

Please avoid contaminating or overloading bins.

If you need help disposing of your rubbish on collection day, please check if the Assisted Bin Collection service is available from your local council. They may provide this service to help residents who are physically unable to put out their rubbish and recycling bins at the edge of their property on collection day.

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Skip Days

Your local council is not responsible for clearing bulk or dumped rubbish from ccha’s privately owned buildings or estates. We hire external contractors who are on-hand to deal with this for us.

We have a duty to keep the areas where you live clean and clear of large fly-tipped items like old sofas or mattresses. As with our other cleaning services, the removal of these items is charged to ALL residents through your service charge.

This charge can also include bin hire where we need to clean any of the bins (as opposed to emptying them) and the removal of bulky items of waste from bin stores or communal areas.

We are organising some skips days in partnership with our contractor Axis this year. This will give you the opportunity to dispose of some of your bulky items into a skip for collection. Please keep an eye out on our website and social media for more information.

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