Over the past year, we received a total of 67 complaints. The majority of these complaints centred around our repairs services; an area we are focusing on improving. To help improve our service, we have been collecting data on how satisfied you were with the complaint handling and the outcome. We’re sharing some of the complaint statistics from this year below and how you can make a complaint. To find out more, visit our website.

How do I make a complaint?

Complete the online form on the website.

Call: 020 8680 7532.


What if I’m not satisfied with the outcome of my complaint?

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your Stage 1 complaint, you can escalate to Stage 2. Information on what to do will be detailed in your Complaint Response letter.

  1. If you are unhappy after Stage 2, you can refer your complaint to a ‘Designated Person’ such as a local MP, Tenant Panel or a local councillor.
  2. Or you can wait eight weeks from the outcome of your Stage 2 complaint and refer your complaint straight to the Housing Ombudsman.
  3. Or you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service where relevant. This must be done within six months of your Stage 2 complaint closure.

Complaints statistics – Apr 2021 – Mar 2022

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Total number of Stage 1 complaints received

2021/22 67 2020/21 36

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Total number of Stage 2 complaints received

2021/22 9 2020/21 10

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Number of Tenant Panel referrals

2021/22 1 2020/21 2

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Number of Ombudsman cases

2021/22 1 2020/21 3

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Number of MP enquires

2021/22 11 2020/21 16

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% number of complaints escalated to Stage 2

2021/22 13% 2020/21 28%

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Number of complaints received per 1000 units

2021/22 44 2020/21 24

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% of Stage 1 & 2 Complaints acknowledged within 2 days

2021/22 100% 2020/21 100% KPI Target 95%


% of Stage 1 Complaints responded within 10 days

2021/22 99% 2020/21 87% KPI Target 95%

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% of Stage 2 complaints responded within 20 days

2021/22 100% KPI Target 95%


% Complainants satisfied with the outcome of their complaint

2021/22 67% 2020/21 100% KPI Target 80%


% Complainants satisfied with complaints handling

2021/22 63% 2020/21 100% KPI Target 85%


Number of survey returns

2021/22 22 2020/21 7


Number of compliments received

2021/22 20 2020/21 14

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Feedback from residents

“I'd like to thank you personally again for how you've handled our correspondence and my complaint. I know it has been quite stressful, not just on my behalf but also for all parties dealing with it. You've been very helpful throughout and always understanding.” – ccha resident

Lessons learnt

We are continually reviewing complaints and how we solve issues to prevent future complaints to improve the service residents receive.

Here are a few of the changes we have implemented this past year:

  • Cleaning of windows added to requirements for planned works where scaffolding is up for a prolonged period.
  • A new emergency access procedure has been put in place.
  • Property Services has introduced a weekly high-profile jobs meeting to monitor and progress complaints, disrepair, H&S issues and more complicated cases through to completion.
  • Introduction of a new pest control process and rolling out staff training.
  • Customer service standards development.
  • Increased the use of our IT system to record and manage customer contact including registering and tracking request to call you back.

If you have any questions or would like to make a complaint, please email

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