Director of Homes

Following the launch of our new Corporate Business Plan last year, #ccha2025, we’ve introduced this new role to help us reach the goals we’ve set out in the plan.

Our Director of Operations, Sarah Revett, previously managed both customers and homes. Sarah will now focus more on residents and ensuring our customer service standards are achieved. Sarah’s job title is now Director of Customers.

Steve’s role will focus on managing new and existing homes while ensuring we comply with industry standards such as Decent Homes Standards and The Green Agenda.

We had a chat with Steve to find out more about him and what his new role will involve.

Steve Fox

Welcome Steve, would you mind giving a brief overview of your role and what you’ll be doing at ccha?

As Director of Homes, I’ll be looking after the property side of ccha. This means overseeing repairs and maintenance, long-term asset management of our properties and the delivery of new homes within our areas of operation.

What are you most excited for in your new role?

I love great customer care and I’m really excited about being able to offer the very best service to our residents.

Are there any big projects coming up that you think our residents should know about?

I want to make sure that all our residents get the very best service. Working in line with the Corporate Business Plan #ccha2025, in particular Objectives 3 and 4, I’m looking forward to working with residents and the team at ccha to enhance our service offer, ensuring that our homes are as safe and secure as possible and that we’re providing more high-quality affordable homes that residents can be proud of.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my family and my new Labrador puppy who enjoys chewing the sofa!

How did you get into the housing sector?

I entered the housing sector by chance 22 years ago. Before I got my first job in housing, I’d never heard of housing associations or the work they did in the community. My mum found a job in the local newspaper and I went for it. The rest is history.

Finally, what is one fun fact about you?

I love motorbikes and went to the 2000 Isle of Man TT races with my dad and brother with our motorcross bikes. It was the last TT race of the motorcycling legend, Joey Dunlop.

We also spoke to Sarah about her new role and what residents can expect in the future.

How long have you been with ccha now?

It’s been three years now.

What are the main differences with your role changing from Director of Operations to Director of Customers?

The new role is focused on people, residents and our communities. It will allow us to focus more on customer service and getting our service delivery right as well as making sure we have the right support in place when people need it most.

Are there any big projects coming up you think our residents should know about and what are you most excited for?

Our first objective in our new Corporate Business Plan #ccha2025 is to have ‘a service shaped by our residents for our residents’. We have a lot of work to do to achieve this, but the team are really committed to making this happen over the coming years, which really excites me. We’re starting with the development of some new customer service standards and we’ll be reaching out to residents about this later in the year. It’s really important that we develop consistency in our service and residents know what to expect. This will help to give us a good foundation on which to build and improve on.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Steve to ccha and wishing both him and Sarah all the best in their new roles.