Money matters – get the help you need

This year we said goodbye to Aniko, our Welfare & Debt Advice Officer who’s helped many of you over the years. We’ve now welcomed Jane White into the position.

Jane is passionate about helping you receive help with a range of money matters such as dealing with debt and claiming benefits. We’ve also recently launched our new Money Matters leaflets, which cover a variety of money-related topics.

You can download the leaflets using the links below.

Jane and how she can help you:

“My name is Jane White and I joined ccha as the Welfare & Debt Advice Officer in January this year.

I’ve been privileged to be in a role supporting vulnerable people for the last 15 years. For 10 of those years, I’ve specialised in Welfare Benefits Advice. This has involved helping people fill out forms, apply for benefits, maximise their income, or appeal a DWP decision at tribunal. I have helped hundreds of people receive the money they’re entitled to, and I’m passionate about what I do.

2020 has been an extremely challenging year both emotionally and financially for many people. On top of this, the welfare system is complex and is constantly changing. Navigating the various benefits available to people on a lower income or experiencing a health difficulty can seem overwhelming. I would encourage anyone who’s struggling with money issues or debt to reach out for support.

Perhaps you’re working but your income has been affected by Covid, or you’re reaching state pension age and do not know how this will affect your benefits. Or maybe you’re being bombarded by threatening letters from debt collectors and dread the next phone call, or perhaps you’re struggling to pay your rent. I would urge you to get in touch with me. When it comes to money worries and debt, a problem shared is most definitely a problem halved!”

Jane White Welfare & Debt Advice Officer


So far this year, Jane has already helped many of you get the financial support you’re entitled to. With her support, £80,000 in unclaimed and backdated benefits has been collected – which has been a great help to those of you struggling with money during these difficult times. Jane has also referred some of you for psychological support, bereavement counselling and talking therapies where needed.