We will maximise the quality and value of our homes

Residents shape new repairs service

We know it is important for our residents to have a home that is in good repair, well maintained and safe. Over the last six years our repairs service has not met our performance targets and, as a result, customer satisfaction with repairs is down. Improving the service has been our biggest operational focus this year.

Repairs satisfaction results:
How satisfied are you with how we handle repairs and maintenance?
“Having been involved with previous rounds of procurement I felt it was a really good process this time around. It helped to take in the bigger picture and was more diverse than just listening to the views of the Resident Scrutiny Panel. All of our views were taken into account and we saw how all aspects came together in the scoring.”
Pat Moulding - Resident

Working alongside residents we have procured a new long-term partnering arrangement with Axis Europe for the repair and maintenance of our housing stock. Consultation with residents through meetings, surveys and door knocking exercises, has helped to shape the new contract. We asked residents what was most important to them when having a repair done. They told us they wanted:

  • To be able to report a repair quickly and easily.
  • Get it done in a reasonable timescale.
  • For the contractor to keep their appointment but if there is a problem, to let the resident know in good time.
  • Repairs to be carried out to a good standard so things get fixed and stay fixed.
  • Good customer service and communication so they know what is happening and when.

We have ensured these requests are reflected in our key performance indicators to help us deliver what our residents want.

As well as carrying out our own satisfaction surveys on repairs, Axis operatives will complete a survey with each resident after each repair.

A group of residents also got involved in selecting the contractor. Those involved in the consultation and selection said they felt it gave them an opportunity to express their views and have their needs taken seriously.

“It was good to be listened to. I was extremely unhappy with the service I received from the previous contractor.”
Fawsia Roble - Resident
“I couldn’t attend the Norfolk House meeting but I could read the papers sent in my own time and reflect. I think the scoring showed a genuine interest in what residents thought and wanted. This wasn’t just a tick box paperwork exercise.”
Andrew Maloney - Resident

Managing our homes

Every year we invest thousands into the maintenance and improvement of homes.

During the year we introduced a new planned maintenance programme. The focus is to work smarter by carrying out work in bulk so that if we are already on an estate or block, we can carry out multiple jobs at the same time. This year we fitted 49 new bathrooms, 35 kitchens and 116 boiler upgrades.

To improve satisfaction with planned maintenance, we plan to communicate with residents a more timely manner. From 2021 ccha will publish an annual and provisional 5 Year Planned and Communal Decorations Programme by June each year.

To ensure that we keep all of our housing stock in good condition, we now use a new property data management system called ‘Estate Pro’. It includes lots of information about the age and components of a property and Estate Pro tells us when work needs to be done, and when – saving time and money.

In addition, an annual asset report shows us the profit and loss of each property over a 30-year cycle. The system is accessible to all staff.

We currently own or manage 39 housing schemes which provide accommodation and housing-related support to 237 people. In 2017, we carried out a review of our supported housing and found that a number of buildings were not contributing towards their running costs. As a result, the Board decided to lease 35% of our supported accommodation to local authorities and other providers, thereby guaranteeing the buildings would remain available for those in need, whilst reducing the costs incurred by us as a responsible landlord.

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