It’s not just a new logo, it’s an underpinning of a core set of beliefs, values and a commitment to make a difference

Why We’re Rebranding:

A Letter from Our CEO

As some of you might have noticed over the last few days, ccha is sporting a brand new logo. It’s an exciting era for our business.

You’ll see it’s not just our logo that is changing. We’re changing our website, our social media, our messaging, and our focus to better reflect the way we help our customers.

What we’re saying should not sound unfamiliar to those who have worked with us. Our mission is only a refined version of what we have always known well about ourselves: we provide quality housing and services that make customers lives measurably better. In short, we’re delivering on our promises.

So what’s changed?

2020 set out the start of our next 5-year business plan — our customer-centric approach to developing services remains, we continue to find growth via our development programme and create more affordable homes. Finally, we are looking to build on our exemplary record for safety.

We’re incredibly proud of the work that we do at ccha and thankful for the employees, the partnerships, and customers that have accompanied us in our growth and in working with us to bring our mission to life. We owe this rebrand to all of you.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Until then, keep an eye on ccha as we continue our growth and continue our campaign to be the best small housing provider in the country.


Tracy Cullen - Chief Executive

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