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Most residents are satisfied with their home and the services provided by ccha.

Since April last year, our survey consultants, Acuity, have been interviewing residents to find out what you think of our services. They spoke with 306 residents between April and September, which is around 20% of all ccha residents.

Overall, results found that most residents are satisfied with their home and the services provided by ccha. However, the results are not as positive as we would like.

Overall satisfaction with services April to September 2021:

Areas we are doing well:

Residents are satisfied with:

the safety and security of their homes


ccha keep the communal areas clean and safe


how ccha engages with them


the neighbourhood


the quality of their home


the cleaning of internal communal areas


the ease of getting hold of the right person to deal with their enquiry


the communal gardening service


ccha being easy to deal with


ccha’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic


Areas for improvement

Residents are less satisfied with:

the repairs and maintenance service


their belief that ccha listens to their views and acts upon them


the outcome of their enquiry


the communal window cleaning


We are actively reviewing our services on a regular basis to improve these results. You can read about the changes we have been making to our repairs service here. We have also introduced a Listening and Learning function to complaints, which will help ensure we listen and act upon residents’ comments.

Regarding the communal window cleaning, which happens 4 times a year, any concerns are addressed through regular contract meetings and reviews.

How do we compare?

Now that one other full survey has been completed, it is possible to compare the current survey results over time. Satisfaction has decreased on all but two measures.

Satisfaction has increased with the safety and security of the home

up 2%

Residents’ ability to get hold of the right person to deal effectively with their enquiry

up 5%

Your comments

During the survey, you have a chance to provide comments and to explain your ratings. We look at these carefully and pass them on to the relevant teams to follow up with if you have given permission to be contacted regarding the issues brought up.

Have your say

Each month, Acuity will be contacting a selection of residents. Please make sure we have your correct contact details. Send an email to us at and we can update them.

“For me, the property is quite nice, spacious, and when I call for normal repairs, they are quite quick. The contractors are polite, and the housing officer keeps us updated. They provide training which we can apply for, and when job vacancies come up around the area, we can apply for those. They also arrange summertime play for the children. The neighbours are quite good, the people they bring into the neighbourhood are good and we all get on very well.”

- ccha resident