Repairs in your home update

Over the last year, we have been working hard with Axis to improve our repairs contract. With only 54% of residents satisfied with our service, we know it isn’t up to standard. We have actively been making changes to ensure your repairs get completed so that you receive the best service possible.

What have we done so far?

  • Axis have increased the number of administrators working for us. This means you’ll have to wait less time on the phone to talk to someone and they can monitor your repairs efficiently. Need to report a repair? Call 0800 056 7068 or email
  • Axis have recruited another plumber, carpenter, and electrician to work for us on your repairs.
  • ccha and Axis have weekly meetings to discuss progress and any issues.
  • Repairs are being monitored carefully to ensure emergency jobs get the attention they need.
  • We have created a repairs service improvement plan which is being actioned.

How are we doing?

We are catching up with the repairs backlog and the number of repairs in progress has decreased as a result. We aim to reduce this even further and make sure all repair jobs are completed within the correct timeframe and do not go overdue.

How do I report a repair? All repairs need to be reported to Axis. Call 0800 056 7068 or email Axis will then organise for the repair to be dealt with.

Who do I contact if I need to check on the status of my repair? Axis are the best people to contact about your ongoing repair. Call them on 0800 056 7068 or email

I have an issue with my gas boiler, who do I contact?

For gas boilers, contact Smith & Byford on 0800 169 7703 or email For any electric boilers, contact Axis on 0800 056 7068 or email

I used to speak to Martin about my repair’s issues, can I speak to him?

Martin is now focusing on planned works and voids, so he won’t be able to help with your repairs. Please call Axis, or if you need to speak to us at ccha, one of the administrators in the team will be able to help get the information you need.

Mould prevention

It’s the time of year where mould can be a problem in your home. Cold temperatures outside, warmth inside and damp weather are great conditions for mould to grow and mildew to form, but there are some things you can do to prevent it.

1. Open windows – ventilation is important. On dry days, open the windows a little throughout your home to allow air to circulate. When showering or cooking, make sure you turn on the extractor fan or open a window to help moisture leave your home.

2. Use extractor fans when cooking and keep lids on pots and pans.

3. Close doors after showering or cooking to prevent moisture from going into other parts of your home. Leave the extractor fan on or windows open for a bit to allow air to circulate.

4. Clean your extractor fans – give them a good dust occasionally to avoid build-up and make sure they are working efficiently.

5. Clean regularly – if your home is starting to smell musty, you could have mould developing. Clean carpets and give your home a once over regularly. You’ll notice mould sooner and be able to help prevent it from getting worse.

6. Check for leaks – if you find a leak, contact Axis on 0800 056 7068 or email

7. Try to keep indoor temperatures at least 18°C. Putting your heating on can help raise your home's temperature, including the walls and furniture, and can minimise the chance of mould growing.

8. If you have one, use a dehumidifier to help remove moisture from the air and prevent mould growth.

9. Clear the clutter - the more stuff you have, the less space there is for airflow, which can cause mould to build up in closed spaces. Having a sort out and removing excess possessions can help with the airflow in your home.

10. Keep furniture away from external walls to allow air to circulate around them.

11. Don’t dry clothes indoors – without ventilation, moisture from clothes will evaporate into the air, causing moisture to build up on walls and ceilings. If you can’t dry your clothes outside or in a tumble dryer, open windows to let moisture escape.

12. Mould removal – if it continues to be a problem, let us know.

We take mould seriously at ccha. If you have a problem with mould, please contact us on 0800 054 6710 or email and we will arrange for someone to visit your home and provide guidance. If you believe the mould growth is due to a leak, please contact Axis on 0800 056 7068 or email and they will arrange to have the leak inspected and repaired.