Get Involved

Resident consultations

Are you interested in taking part in discussions that affect you, your landlord and where you live? We would love to engage with residents who have never participated in our consultation group. Some fresh ideas would be most welcomed. We look at topics such as service delivery standards, policy changes and contract procurement. Your perspective is very valuable to us.

Even if you have limited availability, we can be flexible and work with the time you can provide. We can communicate over the phone, email or by a zoom meeting – whichever is easiest for you.

If you can spare some time and would like to get involved, please contact or call Anne Rush on 020 8633 8735. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Are you keen to improve the area where you live?

ccha may be able to help! Perhaps the space outside your property is tired, needs a sitting space, or you’d like to hold an event for your community or neighbours.

We have a small fund available for community activities. There is just a short application form to complete, and our team will consider your request. If you need help with completing this or would like further guidance on whether your idea is eligible, please contact the Customer Investment Team by calling 0800 054 6710.

Funding themes: 1. Employment Training and Skills 2. Youth Engagement 3. Digital Access 4. Social and Community Activities 5. Estate Improvements

ccha have invested in several projects so far this year

These include: Sharland Close – Due to the landscape being unmanageable, it was proposed to replace the existing planting. This improved the layout of the area in front of the houses, making it look much more aesthetically pleasing for residents.

Church Road – At this property, there were ongoing issues with anti-social behaviour and non-residents congregating in the communal area and bin store. ccha worked with the police and one of the resolutions recommended was to make the bin area more secure for the benefit and safety of residents. The existing bin doors were replaced, and secure new doors were installed with a key lock safety mechanism for added security.

Residents Christmas meal

It’s nice to see that some of our residents were able to organise a community event and enjoyed a fun Christmas meal to celebrate a difficult year. If you would like to organise something for your community and need help with funding, then please complete the application form.