Strategic Objective 5

Value for money offer

We will deliver a high-quality service with no increase in costs

Value for money offer

This is about making the best use of our resources, adopting efficient working practices and being innovative – without compromising on the quality of the services we deliver.

How we will do it – our five-year objectives

  • Fully Integrated ICT systems throughout ccha
  • Introduce an electronic data management system linked with share point and Civica CX to become paperless
  • Efficient and transparent performance reporting systems with access for residents and staff
  • Secure an office relocation which improves the environment for staff and provides better value for money

What we are doing now

As we grow, we remain committed to our residents and the delivery of our promises. Our ICT systems play a vital role in helping us to do this. Our Year 1 objective is to have a fully integrated ICT system across the organisation.

Cx housing management system

We have already started to do this through the implementation of Civica’s Cx housing management system. Our SUN finance system, Mobysoft Rentsense income management tool and Asprey asset management system interface with Cx to enable information to flow through all the systems.

Cx includes an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system which collects customer information, enabling staff to tailor services to the individual needs of residents. The system also allows automation of many of the processes associated with landlord health and safety compliance, and it will be fully integrated with our contractors’ systems to avoid double inputting. As processes will be driven electronically, in real time, we expect to see savings with the Cx system, as well as an improvement in customer satisfaction levels.

The next step for phase two of Year 1 will be to introduce an interface that links with our allpay rent payment system, Asprey and our repairs contractor. We will also be reviewing the Asprey asset management system to see if recent updates to the software could benefit our business – from both a health and safety and performance perspective.

More automated services

In a move to have more digitally-driven processes, we are looking to introduce an electronic data management system. Not only will this support remote working, but it will also enable us to move to a paperless system which is more secure and meets GDPR standards. Having standardised processes in place will also free up valuable staff time and help us to be consistent in the way we do business and communicate with residents.

In Year 1 we will be looking at how to implement an automated system for reviewing annual rent and service charges. By having pre-set rules and detailed information on individual properties, we will be able to accurately calculate charges and explain any increases more easily to residents.

New ICT strategy

We are building on this work by reviewing our current ICT infrastructure and creating a new ICT strategy that aligns with our Business Plan and makes the most out of available technology. The aim of the strategy is to integrate our systems and departments, improve technology and make our internal processes much more efficient and streamlined so that, in the long term, we will improve our performance and save money and resource time.

How we will measure our success

We aim for a successful Go-live of Phase 2 CX and a robust IT strategy. Our aim is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our services and we will be looking for feedback from both residents and staff to see how our approach is working. As we begin to put our value for money initiatives in place, we will also make some cost savings and have projected a Year 1 saving of around £30,000.

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