Strategic Objective 3

Safety and security responsibility

We will have an exemplary record of safety

Safety and security responsibility

This is about making sure that we work to keep everyone involved with ccha safe – our residents, staff, partners and Board members.

How we will do it – our five-year objectives

  • Ensure that we act as a responsible Employer by making sure all of our staff have adequate health and safety training, support and resource (Year 1 priority)
  • Ensure that we act as a responsible Landlord by being well informed of the latest Health and Safety legislation and standards (Year 1 priority)
  • Maintaining regular surveying of all our stock to ensure that it is in good quality and complies with all standards, when it is safe to do so
  • Develop a fully integrated ICT system for all of our Landlord health and safety compliance which links to our contractors
  • Recognise the increased vulnerability of our older community and proactively act to maintain their safety and security
  • Promote better cross team collaboration to tackle anti social behaviour on schemes before it escalates

What we are doing now

We have two priorities for Year 1 which centre on making sure that we meet the latest health and safety regulations while taking steps to ensure staff are fully trained and follow best practice guidelines.

Health and Safety training

We have a clear commitment to health and safety and keeping up with the latest regulations. With new building safety legislation coming through as a result of the Grenfell fire, as well as the challenges posed by Covid-19, we will be reviewing our health and safety training to make sure it is fit for purpose.

All of our staff undergo basic training but we want to go much further than this. We will be offering bespoke training to help staff understand the safety procedures suited to their individual roles. We will also be developing safe working practises for staff on a phased return to the office, in line with government restrictions as they change.

Procurement of contractors

Employing contractors who work to high standards and are health and safety compliant is key to us meeting our own safety and security priorities. The recent procurement of our repairs and estate management contractors involved a strong health and safety element.

To make sure residents’ homes are safe, during Year 1 we will be issuing four key contracts to deliver gas safety, electrical safety, the maintenance and safety of lifts, and asbestos safety. We will also continue to focus on fire safety, carrying out regular fire risk assessments and safety checks.

How we will measure our success

Meeting our health and safety obligations will be an ongoing process – we will monitor our performance on a regular basis and will strive for 100% compliance in all areas.

Strategic Objective 4