About our plan

Our plan is designed to improve housing standards, digital channels and customer care.


Introducing our new corporate business plan

At ccha, we are always looking for ways to do things better. To realise our vision of ‘delivering on our promises’ we have to make sure our services are the best they can be. To help us get there, we have created a new corporate plan, which sets out our strategic goals for the next five years.

The plan has been developed with our customers in mind. Through an extensive consultation programme carried out last year, residents told us what they wanted us to focus on. They said they wanted a good service from us, to feel proud of where they live and for us to deliver what we say we will.

This plan provides a roadmap for creating a more customer-centric organisation where our services are very much driven by our residents. To begin with, we will set new customer service standards, which residents and staff will help to create.

Another element of the plan is the provision of more urgently-need homes. We believe that everyone has the right to a decent home that they can afford – and this will always be a challenge for smaller providers like us. To overcome this, we will be looking at more innovative ways to increase the supply of housing in our neighbourhoods. We will partner with others and make the best use of the land and buildings we have. Our focus will always be on the quality of the design and build of our developments, as we strive to create homes that residents need and want.

We will also step up investment in our employees – through training and development, enhanced rewards and benefits, and by making sure staff have the guidance and equipment to be safe at work. We have a team of staff who are hard-working and dedicated to delivering our vision and mission. They have adapted quickly to the Covid-19 restrictions, and have shown enormous strength and resilience as they continue to provide a high-quality service to residents.

Keeping residents safe is also a key priority in our plan. We will be reviewing our health and safety procedures to make sure we are meeting the latest statutory requirements and we will continue to support vulnerable residents as the pandemic situation continues.

Our IT infrastructure plays a key role in helping us to deliver excellent services that give good value for money. As part of our five-year plan we will be reviewing our IT strategy to make sure we are getting the best from the technology available so that we are responsive, compliant and consistent in the way we deliver services.

We know that to by working in partnership with other local organisations we can really make a real difference to the communities where we work. We are involved in local initiatives that offer opportunities for young people (such as the Legacy Youth Zone) and we give support to homeless people (working with Emmaus). We are keen to forge relationships with others in the community, using our resources and their expertise for the good of our residents.

Our new corporate plan represents an ambitious way forward for ccha. We know there will be challenges ahead as the future economic climate is likely to put more pressure on us and our residents. However, we are starting from a strong financial base with clear strategic goals, and a team of staff dedicated to giving residents an excellent service.

I look forward to giving an update on our progress next year as we move to Year 2 of our corporate plan.

Tracy Cullen Chief Executive