Steps to improve our service

We regularly send out customer satisfaction surveys to find out what you think about our service. This financial year, we have feedback from 229 residents which told us that 68% of you were satisfied with our service overall.

And while 81% of you had reason to contact us over the last 8 months, only 57% of you were satisfied with the outcome. We’re very disappointed about this and we’ve been looking at ways to improve our service.

We already have new contracts in place for the provision of our estate and repairs services. This follows an extensive consultation exercise last year.

We’ll be monitoring the delivery of these new contracts; particularly as current feedback shows that only 68% of those surveyed were satisfied with communal cleaning and 62% with communal gardening.

We are pleased to see that 78% of you were satisfied with our published information. Most of you were either satisfied or neutral about resident activities and the opportunities to get involved in.

As well as changing contractors, we’re also planning to focus more on customer service to give you a better experience and improve satisfaction levels. We’ll be monitoring our progress and we’ll report back to you later in the year.