Keep warm and well this winter

As the cold weather continues to take hold, we’ve put together some useful tips to help you stay warm and well this winter.

Stop the big freeze

As temperatures drop, the water pipes in your home are more likely to freeze. This could leave you without heating and water until the problem is fixed. To stop this happening, make sure you keep your heating on when you’re away from home, even for one day. Turning the thermostat down to 6 degrees will keep your pipes above freezing point without costing you too much.

If you have tanks or pipes in the loft, open the hatch regularly to allow warm air to circulate. If pipes in the loft are already frozen, opening the hatch should help them to gradually thaw out.

Get the flu jab

It’s still not too late to get a flu vaccination. If you’re over 65 or have a long-term health condition, you can get the flu jab for free at your local GP or pharmacy. Getting flu can lead to further health complications, so prevention is key. Even if you’re fit and healthy, it’s a great idea to get the jab to help protect yourself and those around you.

You might also be entitled to a free jab if you’re pregnant, live in a residential care home or care for an elderly or disabled person.

Look after each other

Check on your neighbours and friends to make sure they’re coping during the colder months. Some people have a difficult time walking, especially when it’s cold or slippery outside. They might struggle to get out to buy food and could feel more lonely and isolated during winter. Calling in to make sure they’re warm enough and have what they need could make all the difference to their wellbeing.