Go digital – join our computer training sessions

As part of our digital inclusion strategy, we’re keen to help older residents unsure of how to use a computer, get online.

With more businesses wanting to do business over the internet instead of by phone or post, we want to make sure that residents don’t get left behind.

We’ll be holding computer training sessions for residents to teach basic skills such as:

  • How to search the internet and access websites
  • How to create an email account, send and read emails
  • How to save your favorite websites
  • How to install basic anti-virus software

As well as helping you access our own online services where you can pay your rent or report a repair, you’ll also learn how to shop and bank online.

We’re working on a timetable so keep an eye out for the dates and locations of our training sessions. Our staff will visit schemes and there will also be opportunities to come to our office.

Using the internet – have your say

We’re keen to help our residents get online – both to access our services and those provided by others such as banks and utility companies. We know that some residents don’t use the internet so we want to find out why.

Help us to help you by telling us which statement best describes you:

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By helping us to understand the difficulties you face, we can help you to overcome them.