Life in lockdown

Postponed resident events

As you might be aware, we’d planned our traditional Open Day at Head Office for 2 June. We were also planning to invite younger residents and families to join us at the Legacy Youth Zone for an interactive session during the school summer holidays.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 both these events are now postponed as it would not be safe for us to proceed given the large numbers of people involved. We’ll continue to monitor the situation so watch this space for an update later this year!

Being a considerate neighbour in lockdown

As we continue to live our lives in lockdown, our home has become much more than the comforting place we retreat to. It’s now the place where we work, exercise, learn and socialise (virtually of course).

With everyone at home, we’re likely to be hearing more from our neighbours even if we can’t see them. It’s not surprising then that reports of noise and anti-social behaviour across the country are on the rise.

During this confusing and difficult time, we ask that all residents continue to be considerate and respectful of one another by keeping noise to a minimum. We also ask everyone to be understanding that there is likely to be more general noise at the moment, due to people being at home more.

While this can be frustrating, we need to show tolerance, as we all try to get through this the best we can. However, if you’re experiencing unacceptable levels of noise or any other anti-social behavior, please get in touch with us.

Keeping spirits up

Staff working from home support each other

As we consider a phased return to work to deliver face-to-face services to our residents once again, ccha staff have been working remotely to maintain the level of service you’ve come to expect.

Teams have adapted to meetings held on Zoom and Skype as well as an increase in phone calls to check in on one another, to help keep spirits up and reduce feelings of isolation.

As well as working hard to deliver targets and support residents, staff share photos to inspire their colleagues and bring a smile to their faces. Take a look at some of the photos that were shared over the last three months.

How have you stayed motivated during lockdown? Let us know.