ccha kids activity

Rainbow in the Clouds!

All you need is

  • Paper plate
  • Cotton wool / balls
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colours – you can use paints, crayons, felt tips or even coloured glitter if you have some.
  • Ribbon or string

What to do;

  1. Simply cut the paper plate in half and then cut out a small semi-circle from centre of the paper plate.
  2. Follow the curve of the paper plate and colour your rainbow using your chosen colours and method.
  3. Once your colour is dry, use the glue and cotton wool to make fluffy clouds at the bottom of your rainbow on both sides.
  4. Make a small hole in the top middle of your rainbow, thread the string / ribbon through and tie to make a hanging loop (you might need a grown up to help) .
  5. You can then hang your rainbow in the clouds to make people smile!