Commitment 1

We will be valued as an influential and high quality landlord, a forward thinking employer and a trusted partner in our core communities

Commitment 2

We will prioritise enabling residents to keep their homes and promote mobility

Commitment 3

We will develop more homes and services for local communities

Commitment 4

We will maximise the quality
and value of our homes

Commitment 5

We will deliver continuing efficiencies to achieve improved value for money


The year ending 31st March 2019 sees the end of our fourth year under our commitment 2020 business plan

Each year, CCHA reports on the progress of set priorities for that year. Our 2019 Annual Report features the successes and challenges over the past 12 months. The Commitment 2020 business plan which began in 2015 will end in March 2020. For a copy of the year 5 priorities, please visit our website at: