Commitment 5

We will deliver continuing efficiencies to achieve improved value for money

Value for Money

Strategic VFM aim: Ensure that VFM is at the heart of what we do and support delivery of the key objectives of the business plan, commitment 2020.

22% of our residents now access our customer portal online, freeing up staff time to work on other tasks

Time is Money

The new CX Housing Management system will provide substantial time saving across CCHA.

The housing management system will create a ‘case’ whenever a resident has an outstanding action with us.

This will effectively create an electronic paper trail of all communications & actions that have taken place so that any member of our staff can easily see where the case is at.

This will improve our residents experience of our service as whichever staff member they talk to will have access to up-to-date information on where the case is currently at and will therefore be able to assist without unnecessary delays.

Selling to build

“CCHA Developments Ltd’, our not for profit development company, does not require additional manpower in order to operate. This means we are able to gain full profits* from private sales without depleting existing resources.”

*Profits from private sales are used to invest in building more homes

Welfare and Debt Advice Service

This year, we provided over 300 appointments to our residents. Our service has directly helped to obtain £68,000 in backdated benefit entitlements and over £260,000 in the form of debt write offs and extra income through maximizations and discounts.

Our Welfare & Debt service has directly helped our residents to obtain £68,000 in backdated benefits.

Remaining homes required in order to meet our development programme:

“CCHA goes above and beyond the call of duty. I’m pleased with the level of support that was given to me. Not only has my bank balance improved, but my health has too.”