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We will be valued as an influential and high quality landlord, a forward thinking employer and a trusted partner in our core communities

Over to you

Earlier this year, CCHA conducted the largest resident consultation exercise in the organisations history which spanned over 3 weeks. The purpose of this was to get resident feedback on estate and repairs services (more info on our repairs survey click here).

Small groups of staff went out to speak directly to our older persons at their homes, to get a better understanding of what our residents want to see from an estate services provider.

We also hired an independent company to carry out telephone surveys on our behalf to get as much feedback as possible.

The feedback gathered from these consultations helped us to shape our questions for prospective contractor interviews.

Creating interview questions directly from our residents perspectives allows us to appoint the most suitable contractor to meet their needs and expectations.

In addition to this, we involved a resident in the interview process to ensure we had a residents perspective that could challenge the organisations bidding for the new contract.

Resident feedback allowed us to identify themes across the consultation, including:

  • How the contractor will communicate with CCHA staff & residents to notify them of attendance at site and resolution of any concerns.
  • How the contractor will keep records to ensure they are delivering the standards expected as set out in the contract.
  • How they will continue to improve their service during the contract by recording the progress of each job.

Our residents


we received feedback from 50 residents through telephone surveys


of residents fed back on estate services

How did we do?

At CCHA, great importance is taken to ensure your home is safe. By working closely with our contractors, we make sure that required health and safety measures are met. We are also tested on how well we keep your homes safe, at least once a year.

Gas safety is paramount

Fulfilling our duties as a landlord means it’s important that we emphasise to residents the importance of having 100% compliance on our gas safety service. Our main priority is keeping our residents safe and ensuring that we comply with the law.

Where residents fail to arrange appointments and give access, we are required to contact third parties such as next of kin, health care workers and solicitors to ensure that access is gained. Given the high level of risk associated with gas safety and compliancy as a whole, internal processes are monitored and audited on a regular basis. Our internal IT systems have been upgraded to help improve our monitoring processes, ensuring we keep our residents safe.

We are pleased to have reached 100% in gas servicing over the past year.

We're on the right track!


of homes have a valid electrical test certificate


of asbestos inspections were carried out


of properties with shared waters services have water hygiene monitoring in place


of properties with communal areas have a valid Fire Risk Assessment